01. Leave Me Alone


02. 7th January


03. Promises






01. Leave Me Alone


You're like a stone

You're cold inside

You don't deserve this world

Go your ways, but not with her

Cause' maybe she's mine one day



Leave me alone, go away

And never come back

I don't want to see your face again


She will not choose you

I will fight for her

And if I ever see you again

I will destroy you and if I have to

With violence


I hate you...

Please go away...

I don't want to see your face again...

02. 7th January

In the dark at night-time

I walk alone

Ask the question where

Nobody have the solution

And we try to solve

The problem but it’s hard


Where goes the world?

Everywhere is darkness

The 7th January has marked our spirits

We must rebel us

For the freedom


Why believe in a god

Who kills people

Who takes their lives

And destroys their families

We go off the street to show

Our compassion


In the grass when the sun is shining

I try to understand the world

But isn’t easy


"It's hard to be loved by idiots"
Said Charlie...
He was right

They murdered our people

In a newspaper and then in a printshop


03. Promises

I need your love

To get my life in the handle

I need your time

To get the through the day

Your presence is my need

To be happy everyday

Your smile as like

To forget all my misery


It’s very difficult

To find someone

Who loves us, as we are

But I have found you

And will never forget you

Baby, baby, please don’t hurt



There are so many things which

Happens between us

But I will forgive you

And just take a kiss

Lay by your side

And dream from our future

From a better life together


It makes me scared

To be dependent of someone

Cause I can’t imagine a life

Without you

There’s no way out

All songs written and composed by Where's The Grace?

All rights reserved.